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Christmas Offering 2022
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Experts say that in the first 7-10 minutes of contact with your church, first-time guests know whether or not they are coming back. That’s before a single song is sung and before a single word of the message is uttered!

We want to ensure we have created spaces that will encourage people to grow in their faith, connect with others, and discover the story God has for their life.

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I know me personally, going to Nicaragua several times I have seen where we can go to a foreign country and get plugged in with somebody who’s there and involved in the community. Just working with Pastor Earl, you know that what you’re giving is being used for God. You just see everything that He’s doing with pastor’s conferences, helping out with kids and going up river. You can see that what you’re giving is being used for the glory of God.
Brandon Shearin

Want more info on what we believe about giving? Watch the message below from Pastor John.

We believe in “tithing”, which is simply deciding that the first thing you will do with the money you earn is give a percentage to the local church – typically 10%.