Prayer Requests

Point Harbor is full of praying folks that would be honored to join you in prayer. Let us know below how we can be praying for you.


Erin McCarthy

Can you please pray that God brings me the miracle I’ve been praying for & I also need help with finding my sense of purpose again? I always try my best to flip each difficult situation that I encounter into a positive one/a life lesson.

Lately, it’s been much more difficult, as I’ve had more life altering issues that I’ve had to face, leaving me feeling broken and depressed.

Of course with COVID, there’s the loss of a much needed connection and human contact.

Then, on June 30th, a part of me (which I’m still physically & mentally healing from) was taken away when I had to have a medically necessary hysterectomy. I’m still not sure how to handle/grieve the loss when I’m 38 and will not be able to have my own children. Last week I had another surgery related to that due to complications.

I would also like to ask for prayers bc we had to put my dog of 17 years to sleep about 3 weeks ago. He was my best friend and self trained service/therapy dog. I need prayers (my family too) to help with a broken heart and what feels like, an empty home as well.

Thank you for any prayers ahead of time.

Received: October 31, 2020