Next Steps

When we talk about taking the next steps on your spiritual journey, we are talking about growing in your faith and being obedient to Christ. Your spiritual journey starts with salvation. After salvation comes baptism. What happens after baptism is a process of growing to spiritual maturity, and that looks a little different for everyone.

Salvation – the beginning of your spiritual journey. It is your moment of adoption into the family of God.

Baptism – going public with your faith and letting the world know that you are a child of God.
Growth and connection – learning what it means to live as a Christ follower, and how to grow to spiritual maturity.
Making an Impact – joining the mission of the church and reaching the lost with the Gospel.
Point Harbor Church’s role in all of this is to be a guide on your spiritual journey. We do this by providing opportunities for you to take these steps of faith and obedience, and offering classes designed to teach you the core elements of the Christian faith. Let’s get started! Below is a list of steps you can take at Point Harbor and information on our Core Classes:

Next Step BaptismWant to get baptized? Click here to complete our online registration form and we will contact you to discuss the details. Still have questions? Check out our Core: Baptism class to get answers to some frequently asked baptism questions.

Ready to join a group? Registration happens three times per year. If you are new to Point Harbor, we’ll help you find the group that is right for you. Click here to check out our Point Groups page and find more info.
Ready to join a serve team? Provide us with your contact info, and we will help you find the team that’s right for you.

Still have questions? Check out our Core: Groups and Serving class to get answers to your questions and learn the benefits of being a part of a serve team.

Want to become a Point Harbor Member? Fill out our online application and a pastor will contact you.

Still have questions? Check out our Core: Membership class and see what God can do through you as a Point Harbor member.

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