Next Steps

We’d love to help you grow in your faith. The way you do that is by identifying and taking your next step. No matter where you are in life, no matter what you may be facing, or what storm you may have just come through, we want to help you identify that step and provide opportunities for you to take it.

Step 1 – Follow Jesus

Salvation is the first and most important step on your spiritual journey. Maybe you’ve been hearing about this Jesus guy for a while and want to know more about Him or what it means to follow Him.

Step 2 – Baptism

Baptism is an outward demonstration of the inward change you experienced at the point of Salvation. It tells the world that you have been raised to new life in Christ Jesus. If you have questions about baptism, join us for Core: Baptism. If you are ready to get baptized, click here or stop by a Next Step Station on campus.

Step 3 – Personal Growth & Connection

Every believer, no matter how long they’ve been a follower of Christ, is on a journey of personal growth, headed towards spiritual maturity. The two best ways to take this step at Point Harbor are by joining a Point Group and by joining a Serve Team. Point Groups and Serve Teams give you an opportunity to grow in your faith and put into practice the things you’ve learned, in a comfortable environment. If you have questions about Point Groups or serving at Point Harbor, join us for Core: Groups and Serving. You can join a group or a team by clicking the buttons below or at a Next Step Station on Campus.

Step 4 – Disciple Making / Make an Impact

Jesus gave us the Great Commission, a command for all believers to be disciples that make disciples. At Point Harbor, you can fulfill the Great Commission by partnering with us on our mission to obey Christ. Membership is how we live out this partnership. By becoming a Point Harbor member, you are committing to invest your time, talent, and treasure in the ministry of the church and to make disciples through personal ministry and inviting others to hear the Gospel at Point Harbor. If you have questions about membership or sharing your faith, join us for Core: Membership. If you are ready to take the step of becoming a member, click here.