We believe in the importance of teaching followers of Christ the role they play in the Great Commission. We also believe in a calling to help our community and other places around the world.

At Point Harbor we do both of these with care and much prayer. We are mindful of the potential to harm when attempting to be helpful. We try to avoid creating dependencies in others and a haughty spirit within ourselves.

We recognize that we are all poor and sinful. We are all in need of forgiveness from a loving God who gave his all to reconcile us unto himself.

We focus our local efforts in the Cradock area of Portsmouth. Globally we concentrate on the countries of Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic.


Our calling is to assist in the work of our partner, Pastor Earl Bowie, in Nicaragua. Our relationship has grown through the years and we count it a great privilege to walk beside our brother and to learn from him.

We recognize that to affect lasting changes our support must be enduring and continuing. That is why our relationship with Pastor Earl and the church in Puerto Cabezas is long lasting. We do yearly trips, but rather than “work trips” we see them as vision journeys. We go to learn and to hear what God has to teach us within the context of the ministry of El Verbo Church.

Christians in Nicaragua labor with limited resources, relying daily on the provisions of God. We have learned much from our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.

Dominican Republic

After several fact-finding field trips by some of our pastors we now sense God’s direction to start assisting local leaders in building His kingdom in the Dominican Republic. We will be supporting the work in the western part of the country, in the regions of Azua, San Juan de la Maguana and Pedernales, near the Haiti border.

In 2017 we will be taking our second group trip to the Dominican Republic. Like any other trip we take, we are mindful that going to the Dominican Republic is not an end but part of an ongoing process of becoming better followers of Christ. We go to listen and learn what God wishes to teach us, while equipping and preparing us as we continue the work of the Great Commission.

2018 Trip

Information coming soon.


With much care we are exploring a relationship with churches and leaders in Peru.

We are mindful of their rich tradition of trusting the Lord. Peruvian Christians have given their lives in defense of the gospel. They have experienced the kind of persecution that churches in America have yet to experience.

Point Harbor has much to learn from Peru. Any help we may provide will come in partnership with the local churches.