“Ever since we found or way to Point Harbor, the Lord has been busy with us. Our lives have been filled with one blessing after another, and we are truly awed by God’s gifts. Here are a few of the highlights from the past six months or so. Shortly after my baptism at Point Harbor,…

“I have good health, a wife who l love immensely, and who loves me just as much, wonderful children, a job that I like, a home and many great friends. So, I feel like I have been materially, physically, physiologically and spiritually blessed. Now, as I get older, I find myself thinking about these blessings….

“I had a fairytale marriage, and 2016 started to be a very special year. People called us ‘2 Peas in a Pod’. I have four children and 14 grandchildren who are all very close to me. There would be at least two children in our home staying the weekend or during summer vacations. I belong…

What do you expect will happen when you go on a missions trip? Latesha signed up for Nicaragua with the idea she was going to help others living in a third world country. She never expected this to happen to her.

Want to serve but aren’t sure where to begin? Linda’s story is sure to help point in you the right direction. You have to start somewhere!

As an emergency medicine doctor, John hardly had the time for anything else in his life. What opened up as just another medical opportunity, turned into the missions trip of a lifetime!

When you are a military family and are stationed in a strange-to-you place, one of the biggest temptations is to not set down any roots. After all, why get to know people when sooner or later you just have to leave? Jonathon and Jessica faced that temptation head on, and what happened next changed their…

Think that financial peace will never happen for you? Billy and Laura Marshall thought the same thing. That is, until they applied principals they learned from a church class.

Being in church for most of your young adult life can leave you wondering if you’ve heard it all about “giving”. By keeping their hearts open to God’s Word, Brandon and Rebecca realized what they had to do to grow in their faith.

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